Comments on static web sites

This JavaScript widget/module add comments to static web pages. See example below:


Add the following code to the page footer:

Then add a comment in the HTML source code where you want comments:

A comment widget will be insered at all *kommentera-mera* comments.

The comment identifier (topic) is derived from the H1 and H2 elements. But you can also hard-code the topic into the comment like this:

Which can be useful if the heading(s) are later changed, as changing the heading(s) would otherwise remove the comments.

How to delete comments

After e-mail opt-in, you will get a e-mail message for each comment - with a link to delete the comment.

E-mail opt in

Send a e-mail to from an e-mail address under your web site's domain name, with a URL that has the kommentera-mera script.

For example if your website domain name is yourdomain.tld you need to send an e-mail from someone@yourdomain.tld

The notification and deletion links for comments on yourdomain.tld will then be sent to that e-mail address!

Anti spam

Spam bots have not yet figured out how to post comments. knock on wood.


CSS examples:


"kommentera mera" is Swedish for "comment more".
I discovered that by having many comment boxes, visitors did make more comments! And also more relevant "on topic" comments.

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GPL Licence

Feel free to copy and make modifications.